10 2019

Shorts Program

1:30PM - 3:00PM  

The New Vic Theatre 33 West Victoria Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 965-5400

An interesting mix of European and Israeli short films covering the gamut of life’s experiences in a variety of ways

Visiting directors and stars will be in attendance.


Invited guests: Directors and Stars.


Tzeva Adom: Color Red
Ronit, a female soldier serving in the Israeli Defense Forces, and Omar, a young Palestinian boy get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. When she shows compassion towards him and his older brother, tensions begin to rise on both sides of the border. Now she must come to terms with what's right and what’s smart in a world where social media runs rampant, everyone has a camera in their pocket, and acts of terrorism have become normal.
A story about love based on the memoir of Luca Kilos who after World War II married a Jewish boy she had known since childhood. World Premier.
A trip to the mikveh brings a young bride more than she expected. Can she ever go back? North American Premier.
Nothing happened
17-year-old Neta, born and raised on a Kibbutz hears that her brother, a soldier, has been killed in action. Preparations for the funeral and the atmosphere of grief in the household create a complex and painful psychological trap for Neta: should she leave her family and community to their sorrow and their heroic images of her brother, or should she come clean with a secret that will change forever the destinies of those who were closest to him? North American Premier. 
The story takes place across one night during the ritual of Shemira, the Jewish tradition of guarding a body from death to burial. Myer spends one final night alongside his beloved, Leah to whom he was married for decades.
A powerhouse performance by veteran actor Jonathan Rhys-Davies anchors this movie.
Margaret Singer: Seeking Light
We are proud to present the world premier of a movie celebrating the life and art of Santa Barbara resident Margaret Singer who overcame tragedy and turbulence to utilize her extraordinary gifts in inspirational work that breaks the mold. World Premier.