2 2023

Shorts Program 1

3:30PM - 5:35PM  

The New Vic Theatre 33 West Victoria Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 965-5400

Walking with Savta

USA – 5m45s – Documentary

The relationship and histories of a Jewish grandmother and grandson are explored on a walk around the neighborhood.

The Walk

Germany – 12 mins – Drama

The Walk is the story of a Jewish man from the US who finds himself living in Germany to be with his only daughter. Everyday he is faced with reminders of the Holocaust as he walks his dog through the city which was known for antisemitism and was a beehive of Nazi activity during World War 2.

Nobody Told Me

South Africa – 27 mins – Documentary

Nobody Told Me is a short documentary that tells the story of Dr. Halina Rotstein, a dedicated doctor, who graduated from the University of Warsaw’s Medical Faculty in 1930, left medicine for a few years to bring up four children after marrying a wealthy Polish-Jewish industrialist, before being drawn back into medicine by the urgency of the Second World War.

Elisheva & Ruthi

Israel – 30 mins – Documentary

This is an intimate portrait of twin sisters who grew up alone as orphans, overcoming challenges against all odds.

The Fisherman's Wife

Israel – 19 mins – Drama

Following the death of his wife, an old fisherman must deal with their eldest son, which demands a proper Jewish burial.

Followed by a panel discussion with rabbis about death and burial.